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Questions for Bonner County, the F.C.C., SPACEX Starlink, Fatbeam & John Mace


  1. There is a gap between when the Communication Tower project began and when the County started the paperwork. What kind of “off the record” deals were struck, and who are the players?

  2. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Who contacted who? How much is John Mace making in this deal? Are Bonner County officials getting any special benefits now or will they in the future? Will the other Selle Valley neighbors be able collect from those who destroyed their property values?

  3. The project is a non-conforming commercial activity on rural/ag/forest land. Was this done to avoid paying the appropriate taxes?

  4. A solar facility is a receiver, and a satellite facility is a transceiver. Planning and Zoning Director Milton Ollerton references the 2017 North American Industry Classification System code 237130, a “Communication tower construction” (which is a Title 12 definition) and yet also describes it as a “solar array”, (a Title 11 definition), because the County Civil Attorney Bill Wilson says it is so. Can such a flim/flam be possible?

  5. In the P & Z file no. C1017-18, a Clark Fork cell tower was required to get a Conditional Use Permit.Why wasn’t the SpaceX wireless backhaul site required to complete the Conditional Use Permit that was started?

  6. What kind of Commissioners only look out for the interests of Elon Musk, without regard to their own constituents?

  7. Can microwave frequencies cause interference with or failure of internal electronic devices, such as cardiac pacemakers, ventricular/peritoneal shunts, defibrillators, automatic drug delivery systems, cochlear implants and/or other medical devices?

  8. Do microwave frequencies exacerbate internal heating and potentially cause overheating? Could this lead to heat stroke or seizures in bodies which are unable to cool,  given environment, exercise, and/or other internal conditions?

  9. Are testicles vulnerable to microwave radiation, resulting in sterility?

  10. Can exposure to microwave radiation produce cataracts? Would the heat denature the proteins in the crystalline lens of the eye, the same way that heat turns egg whites, white and opaque?

  11.  Have microwave frequencies been proven to increase brain tumors and leukemia in children, or cancer in adults?

  12. Will the SpaceX Colburn Gateway exacerbate the conditions of individuals with Electromagnetic hyper-sensitivity, causing neurologic, neuro-hormonal and neuro-psychiatric symptoms in susceptible individuals? Could this also lead to fatigue, dizziness, nausea, heart palpitations, digestive disturbances, tingling, redness and/or burning sensations?

  13. Can microwave frequencies sterilize seeds, soil and microorganisms?

  14. Could our pollinators be eliminated by a saturation of this new technology?

  15. If the frequency of a household microwave oven is 2.45 GHz, while the frequency for optimal absorbency by water is around 10 GHz, could the human body, which is 60% water, be adversely affected?

  16. What does the US Naval Medical Research Institute say about the symptoms of exposure to radiation, including in its 1972 declassified documents?

  17.  Why is the Colburn ground station EIRP rated at 66.5 decible-Watt, while the UK market only permits a 10mW EIRP limit, due to excessive interference?

  18. How much radiation saturation will the Northside Elementary School experience from this additional uplink and downlink electromagnetic radiation in the Selle Valley and local area?

  19. Consistent with SpaceX’s space station authorization, does the Colburn Gateway earth (ground) station transmit in the 27.5-29.1 GHz and 29.5-30.0 GHz bands and receive in the 17.8-18.8-19.3 GHz bands, and are the uplink and downlink frequencies being monitored and enforced?

  20. How did SpaceX’s software-generated Colburn Gateway Photon Flux Density contour “snowflake” analysis, demonstrate fewer than 450 people? Has an independent expert confirmed this?

  21. Does the “snowflake” Photon Flux Density portray the impact of the microwave radiation of the uplink only?  What does the footprint (impact area) look like from the microwave radiation on the downlink?  Could it cover an area of up to or more than a five-mile radius from the earth station?

  22.  Why hasn’t a N.E.P.A. evaluation taken place?

  23. Why was Bonner County chosen to be the first site in Idaho to place a SpaceX Gateway?            Is there any political significance to this?

  24. Will the SpaceX Colburn Gateway ruin the rural and agricultural culture in the                         Selle-Samuels area?

  25. Is there a future for farms and cottage industries in the Selle Valley?

  26. Will Developers take advantage of the degradation of property caused by placement of the SpaceX Gateway? Was that the whole point anyway?

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