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The Risks We Face from Radio Frequency Microwave Radiation






SAVE SELLE VALLEY maintains that the SpaceX Coburn Gateway must be removed unless independent peer reviewed studies show no adverse effects on human or animal physiology can be produced and distributed to any and all affected parties.





The SpaceX installation violates the existing Bonner County Comprehensive plan and is a CLEAR example of erroneous and illegal zoning. It violates the explicit agricultural/forestry zoning rules which do not allow this commercial enterprise. Such commercial enterprises are to be placed in appropriate areas set aside for that purpose. Required setbacks on the property have been violated which puts the site dangerously close to the roadway where the public passes daily. In spite of their radiation analysis claims, SpaceX did not install their proprietary radiation mitigation panels, yet cited a lateral mitigation number to surreptitiously justify a permit. Mandatory monitoring is part of the permitting process, but without a Conditional Use Permit, we do not have access to what if anything is happening.   





Children are more vulnerable to this technology.  They have smaller heads, which means that wireless radiation can go deeper into their brains, as the distance is shorter to their brain center. Children have thinner skulls than adults which means they have less protection.  Research shows that children can absorb up to ten times the radiation in the bone marrow of their skulls than adults. Children learn at a greater pace than adults because they have a rapidly developing brain.  Any disruption to this process can cause significant neurological changes later in life. Lastly, children have a higher amount of water in their brains and bodies.  Electricity travels quicker through the water and more intensely through their tissues. Shockingly, government regulations are based on large men, not on small children.




The Los Angeles Times has noted that Elon Musk has built his “empire” with billions in U.S. government—that is, taxpayer—subsidies. In 2017, reporters critically noted that “Like a reverse Robin Hood, Musk isn’t robbing from the rich and giving to the poor: He’s robbing from the working class and keeping it for himself.” Now, Musk is seeking an additional $16 billion in government subsidies for SpaceX.  Musk’s science-fiction dreams are fast becoming our nightmare reality.      




Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites are already causing harm. As reported by Forbes and both professional and amateur astronomers, the light pollution produced by mega-constellations of satellites “pose[s] an existential threat to astronomy,” potentially ending “ground-based astronomy as we know it.” 



In addition to the 5G Appeal, an International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space is warning about the potential of the satellites to interfere with the global electric circuit. As of March 29, 2020, the Appeal had garnered signatures from 212,661 people from 208 nations and territories worldwide. It warns that if tens of thousands of satellites make it into low-Earth and very-low-Earth orbit, they will emit extremely powerful, pulsating beams of artificial RF and microwave radiation into the Earth’s ionosphere. The ionosphere—a natural source of high voltage always charged to an average of 300,000 volts—controls the global electrical circuit  that connects and vitalizes every living thing, whether bird, animal, tree or human. All life depends on this electromagnetic circuit for survival, yet in one fell swoop, 5G satellites have the potential to alter it “beyond our ability to adapt” [emphasis added]. We stand for safe technology and appeal to Bonner County, the F.C.C., SpaceX, Starlink, Fatbeam and John Mace for accountability. RF MW Radiation can be, and should be safely enclosed in insulated cables, not polluting our airspace!  “Inaction is a cost to society and is not an option anymore.” 




Radiofrequencies, also known as microwave radiation from the Colburn gateway which exceed the FCC rules for human exposure is just part the story. The Gateway works in unison with satellites beaming radiation down from space. The Colburn gateway is working in concert with multiple satellites in which the pulsed microwave beams overlap. This 24/7 type of saturation exposure has yet to be addressed.  Just imagine what is going to occur when SpaceX has all 42,000 satellites fully built up and operational.  Additionally, one must consider the Fresnel Zone.  A Fresnel Zone "is the pattern of electromagnetic radiation that is created by a transmitting station from its antenna to receiving antennas. It's in the shape of an ellipsoid, or 3D ellipse, which looks like an elongated football."          

Unlike cell phones which people can turn off, there will be no escape from the microwave exposure beaming down.





The Radiation Hazard Analysis presented by Space X to the FCC discusses the Ku- band frequencies, NOT the actual Ka-band frequencies they seek authority to operate. The Ka-band frequencies are 2 bands higher than the Ku-band frequencies, and there is not even one independent peer reviewed scientific study showing that the SpaceX gateways and satellites are safe. Yet there are thousands of independent peer reviewed studies showing harm from microwave radiation.


The effects of the powerful new SpaceX high frequency bandwidth technology generate potentially harmful levels of radiation. This technology is untested. What we do know is that the installation gives off more radiation than the FCC currently allows, and many studies show direct harm from the technology to humans and animals. The SpaceX installation makes Selle Valley Residents guinea pigs

— just look at the sign on the fence:

If the technology can harm humans, how can it be good for our beloved pets and livestock? Just think about the capital investment in farming and livestock here. Bees are reported to be “decimated” by this technology.  Bees are essential to pollinate all the food grown in the Selle Valley. With many organic farms dotting the Selle Valley, this installation harms their livelihood directly.


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