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The neighbors in the Selle Valley were denied the ability to have input guaranteed by the Conditional Use Permitting process, before the installation of a SpaceX Communication Tower. A Communication Tower is determined by construction specifications, with the minimum height being immaterial.

Justification for these loss of rights were articulated by County Civil Prosecutor Bill Wilson.  Wilson declared the Wireless Backhaul structure a “solar array”. Despite Wilson’s assessment, Fatbeam contends that “The site is a Wireless Backhaul site for SpaceX.  Essentially a receiver for information collected from satellite’s to be transported back to a data center via Fatbeam fiber optic lines.  This data is used for tracking, telemetry and control purposes of said satellites.”

Work began on this Communication Tower on May 15th 2020, but the Building Location Permit wasn’t issued until July 10th 2020.

Milton Ollerton, the head of Planning and Zoning instructed Planner Amanda DeLima to initiate the Conditional Use Permit process on June 17th 2020.  The Conditional Use Permit process ceased after Bonner County Civil Attorney declared it a “solar array”, enabling a Building Location Permit to circumvent public input.

Incomplete and misleading evidence was forwarded to the F.C.C. to procure a temporary license for operations.  The F.C.C. was misled to believe that the Communication Tower instillation area, is sparsely populated.

The Communication Tower placement is a Non-conforming land use! 

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